Rc Cola Marketing Plan

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I. Executive Summary. A one-to-three-page synopsis of the plan providing highlights of the current situation, objectives, strategies, principal actions programs, and financial expectations.

II. Situation Analysis

A. Category/competitor definition

PHILIPPINE FOOD AND BEVERAGE INDUSTRY Philippines have emerged as one of the rapidly growing food and drinks industries in the Asian region over the recent past. The country is characterized by various factors, such as its growing young affluent population, rising disposable income and rising consumer awareness regarding health and safety concerns. With these factors, the demand for health food and drinks is surging high,
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• Distribution - New distribution channels and incentives to resellers in order to avoid losing shelf space. • Promotion - Emphasis on differentiation and building of brand loyalty. Incentives to get competitors' customers to switch.

c. Sales cyclicity

The industry does not respond to sales cyclicity.

Albeit the economic situation may not be stable, the industry experiences minimal changes or does not falter at all and thus, not affecting the whole industry itself.

d. Seasonality

The industry is not subject to seasonality.

Since we are in a tropical country, and Philippines in tradition celebrates many occasions and festivities, the market tends to be attracted to cold beverages such as carbonated drinks that hold a large percentage of sales in the beverage industry in the country.

e. Profits

Total household spending on non-alcoholic beverages reached P33.3 billion in 2006 based on the latest Family Income and Expenditure Survey of the National Statistics Office. The figure was higher by 2.9% per year from P30.6 billion in 2003.

2. Category factors

a. Threat of new entrants/exits

ECONOMIES OF SCALE There is a mass

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