Rc Helicopter Research Paper

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Helicopter Hair Web Have you ever tried flying an RC helicopter in your home? The story involves me, my sister (taryn),my mom, and my dad all in the car. The second part of the story involves me, my sister (Taryn),my mom, my aunt (Rosy), and my dad all at our house.This all happened when i was six or seven when I lived in my grandma, and grandpa’s house. “Get in the car!” my dad yells. “Okay!” me and Taryn respond. we figured we were going to the mall again, because the car ride was long and I was getting all hot a sticky on the leather seats. While we were in the mall I heard a helicopter buzzing in the air. I saw it, and It looked as fast as lighting in the sky, so, I asked “can I have it please dad?” “okay.”my dad said. I remembered
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