Rdh Case Study

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SULLIVAN UNIVERSITY Effective Management CASE PROPOSAL ON ROARING DRAGON HOTEL MGT 510 Submitted By SADIQ MOULANA Student ID: SMOULA8617 Effective Summary This proposal addresses that taking over any establishment which is under no attractive Progress, by other well educated, experienced, efficient modern management will definitely bring more employment opportunities and good yield to the employers and the society respectively. One should sacrifice certain stubborn principle such as having a negative attitude that culture, harmony and integrity will be affected allowing the new modern management to take over the old management. Background The RDH was taken over by Hotel International a hotel management company…show more content…
• By changing over, the economical status of the workers will be enhanced with pomp and splendor. • Instead of going into the conflict, any human being should accept and adopt the new changes brought forth by the scholars and the efficient managers, so that one could enjoy the social status and financial status respectively. • The new management should call the workers for making them understand the meaning of the progress and the culture. • In order to have any milestone or any achievement, one has to sacrifice certain things to reach at the progress without any suspicion. • By handing over the hotel to the efficient management they can chalk out many programs and methods to develop the new system brushing away the old methods which stood as hurdle for the progress. If the new methodology and the progressive steps with new thoughts by the scholars may put an end to the unemployment problems. • The new management may bring forth a huge finance so that they can use the achieved amount by the means of new methods to eradicate the social evil so called the unemployment. • It’s really absurd (foolish) that the new style of management will affect the value, culture and moral. Fanatic mindedness will never bring forth any success in the history of any cultured society. This particular point should be inculcated into the minds of
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