Re Educating Criminals Using Community Services Before Reintroducing Of Society

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Re-educating Criminals Using Community Services Before Reintroducing To Society Vs. Lengthy Jail Terms A criminal is one who has committed a crime or illegal act. People are not born as criminals. However, people are often made criminals because of situations or circumstances. Many think that lengthy jail time is deserving while others believe that criminals be rehabilitated. ( There has been much discussion since the 1970 's about treatment programs that work and to what extent. No single type treatment or rehabilitation program works for every offender. Treatment programs depend on the program, the family, church, and community support. ( First-time offenders whose consequences are not fatal may benefit from rehab or re-education. They may benefit from treatment programs that will allow them a second chance to live a better life. The right punishment for criminals must consider many factors before deciding. "To ensure the security of our society, placing greater emphasis on rehabilitating prisoners may be the best way to gain this." ( Rehabilitation may help reduce drug trafficking, prostitution, and substance abuse. These are the easier type of crimes. Some other crimes take longer to correct and rehab may not be used as a corrective measure. Such crimes as murder, child molestation, and sexual assault, need longer jail sentencing. Rehabilitation is not an
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