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Embryo Harvesting & Freezing/Genetic Manipulation, Part II We are living in a new era where technology can help women have babies in unconventional ways. Having children is a personal choice. In some people’s view, government should not be regulating when people should and should not start having a family. The ethical issue is when the parents start applying for governmental benefits after the baby is conceived via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and born posthumously. When practicing IVF, are we violating God’s will? This paper is to discuss the views of the four candidates interviewed in relation to posthumous conception and delivery, their views on benefits/inheritance entitlement to these babies, and ethical principles and theories in…show more content…
She does not confine her beliefs to herself; she thinks that her beliefs should be universal. She feels regulation is needed in the area of embryo harvesting to stop “unnatural procedures” and keeping doctors from playing God. She also believes that infertility is a process of natural selection by God. MG does not believe in interfering with nature. Although, she does not oppose embryo harvesting or freezing/genetic manipulation, she believes that women need to use this process “appropriately and responsibly” for women who cannot have children on their own and need some assistance, not for conception posthumously. If a woman is already pregnant and her spouse died, then the baby is entitled to the deceased father’s benefit or inheritance, but not 18 months after the biological father passed away. She believes that a child(ren) needs two parents, a man and woman. Although, society might have different opinions, due to different values and belief systems, about this issue, MG does not believe the church support posthumous delivery, beyond the natural conception cycle. According to MG, for those people who have good support group and want a child(ren), adoption is an option or start a new, meaningful relationship. She believes that this is a complex issue and everyone is entitled to do what they want with their lives, but posthumous conception and requesting the deceased father’s inheritance/benefit 18 months after the passing of the biological father,

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