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Collaborative Learning Community (CLC)

* Introduction: *
Group work can seem like a daunting task, particularly in an asynchronous environment in which communication occurs primarily online or, at a distance. Even if you are enrolled in a course that meets weekly, conflicting schedules can make it difficult to arrange outside meetings with your group members. However, with proper planning and clear communications, teams can work effectively and efficiently with little or no face-to-face contact.
Achieving good outcomes requires that individuals with different strengths, weaknesses, and perspectives come together to arrive at consensus. Several tools have been created to help your group get started, get organized, and stay on
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Your grade for each CLC assignment is based partly on the quality of the work submitted and partly on the demonstration of group dynamic and “group think.” *
How the CLC Works
The instructor will assign students to teams during Topic 1 in preparation for the CLC assignment that is due in Topic 3.
Each team will be assigned a color code.
Your team will use the CLC forum, located in the Discussion Forum folder, to communicate with each other while working on the assignment. Your team’s CLC forum can be identified by the color code that was assigned to your team.

Tips to Get Started 1) Get to know your team members and their individual skills (what they do well and what they prefer to do when working in groups).

2) Establish a “To Do” list for the group.

3) Establish expectations (how and when to communicate, who will do what aspects of the project) and a timeline in which the group must complete specific tasks.

4) Organize your work into sections, ensuring that all items listed on the guidelines are accounted for.

5) Communicate with your group members often to ensure your group is on track.

6) Assemble a rough draft of all documents required and upload the file to the team discussion forum for all group members to review and give comment.

7) Make corrections as necessary

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