Rea Real Spiritual Direction

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I did not react and convey what I was thinking. I was trying hard to understand what she was say and what it meant. This did lead to confusion which prevented me to be able to come up with some suggestions for homework. How can you give homework if everything seems to be ok now? As I was thinking of something to give her for homework, she stopped me and gave me feedback that I did not have any homework. It felt like playing Uno! This was rather annoying. I am thinking that she is changing her story and now she is going cut me off so that she can have some feedback for me. Usually I just move on from these reactions and give them over to Jesus. As you said in class there are much bigger things to address in life. I did not have any needs come up to “fix” or “convert”. This situation was not “real” enough to bring out anything like that. However I might try and pretend this is a real session; my subconscious did not buy it. My subconscious is much more concerned with passing this course. If you get two “Cs” you are out. I am a horrible writer and tend to misread new social situations. I am thinking things like “I must summarize” and “make sure and use the miracle questions”…show more content…
4) Apply one concept from the text that addresses the above insights. Young say “Before confronting, the helper must be clear that the reason for the intervention is to increase client awareness, not just to unload a sense of frustration.” (p.183) This applies to my situation about apparent discrepancies in her prayer life. I was feeling frustrated but I think it was not just a personal feeling. However, since it was only the second meeting confronting would not be the best solution. Hearing more of her story and asking open question about her pray life would lead to a better understanding in most situations. I the discrepancy was still there after a few meeting then would be a good time to
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