Reaching For Redemption : A Philosophy Of Nature

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Reaching for Redemption: A Philosophy of Nature Tiffany L. Bryce Newman University Abstract This paper is a detailed interpretation of the movie The Day After Tomorrow. I will be thoroughly going through this movie and how it connects with my personal philosophy of nature. This movie is a representation of Global Warming and the drastic effects that it can have on this Earth. Although the movie might be greatly over-exaggerated, it is meant to stir the audience and conjure up emotions and feelings of wanting to change. I would never want to see the world come to that much turmoil, which is why there is an urgency to act now before we see our world destroyed. The paper will include my thoughts on the movie, other writer’s contributions of thoughts on the movie and global warming, my personal philosophy of nature and how we can redeem ourselves from our influences towards global warming. Reaching for Redemption: A Philosophy of Nature The movie The Day After Tomorrow opens in Antarctica where Jack Hall a climatologist is doing research. One of his coworkers ends up making a mistake while drilling in the ice, and causes a big crack between some of their equipment and place of work. When I first started watching this part I thought about melting of the polar ice caps due to global warming, I knew what this movie was going to be about. I have never watched this movie before so I didn’t know what to expect. There comes a part where Jack is meeting with
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