Reaching Mastery Should Be An Important Part Of Most People 's Lives

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Reaching mastery should be an important part of most people’s lives. There are things to consider when trying to achieve and master something important. Daniel Pink wrote the book “Imagine” talking about what really motivates us. I would like to focus mainly on chapter five out of the book, Mastery. The main points in this chapter Pink covers are engagement, flow and the three laws of mastery.
In order to make progress there needs to be meaningful feedback, this is known as autonomy. The desire to be self-directed and a lead to engagement, “Only engagement can produce mastery” (Pink 109). The point Daniel Pink is trying to make is that in order for success and mastery, there absolutely needs to be engagement. Humans have developed a way of doing things in which they feel programed to do tasks in routine. In order for individuals to solve difficult tasks and problems, it is important for them to be willing to experiment different ways of doing things. This is where engagement comes in because it is important and essential for people to come up with new solutions and it is the key to mastery. The amount of disengagement in work places has been costing about 300 billion dollars a year just in the United States. Pink also believes that in order to live a satisfying life we need to meet more than just simple demands, “We have way too much compliance and way too little engagement” (Pink 110). Jonah Lehrer gives us a preview of how the Pixar studio engages with their work, in his…
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