Reaching Maximum Employee Performance and Productivity in a Strategic Working Environment

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There are various work relationship matters in the government environment which are among methods to improve productivity and reduce cost that impact an employee’s motivation in today’s workplace. In the government sector it is a continuous concern. Owners and managers of any businesses across the United States all have the same problem as it pertains to reducing cost and time management. This problem has to do with reaching maximum employee performance and productivity in a strategic environment (Workplace strategies). Many government contractors, owners, managers and agencies do not know how to chime into minimize this major problem. In the government contracting sector worked, it is the employer’s job to motivate the employees and increase employee productivity while saving cost on governmental contracts. There are vested employees who thirst for the best way to accomplish this (Motivation and productivity). Some leaders envision the solution by using motivational strategies while improving productivity that requires firm changes. In the government environment it is also most challenging with people who have a natural tendency to resist change because it is challenging and often frightening to the employee. On another note, employees who fear or resent productivity improvements will not be as motivated to make the changes work.
In the government environment worked recently, employees are mostly isolated since working in an environment that is sensitive to
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