Reaching The God Given Dream

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We all have to start somewhere, and it often involves risking what others don’t think is reasonable. Reaching the God-given dream involves trying something that’s beyond our ability to complete. Through the actions of preparing for something amazing, something amazing begins to happen in us. But, you will never see it until you give it a try. During the first thirty years our church existed, we met in eighteen different locations. We rented or leased what we could find or afford. We rented schoolrooms, community centers, and storefronts. Then in 1997 we bought an old movie theater that was our home for seventeen years. It may sound as though we just made a decision and did it. It was more complicated than that. It always is. It started out simple. A woman who was retired owned the building and wanted to sell it. We made an outrageous offer and she took it. We sealed up the deal with $10,000 down. It seems even crazier, saying it out loud now than it did then. The building was worth about $2 million and we got into the deal with $10,000 as a down payment. To me that wasn’t even the biggest miracle. The greatest miracle was that they accepted us. We were a small church, inexperienced in business—the sale of this art deco building to us was amazing. I felt like walking into a room with our leadership team, closing the door behind us, and then laughing about how crazy it was that the seller trusted us enough to sell it to us. At the same time we knew we could handle it. We…
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