Essay on Reaching for a Dream in Literature

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Selfish Dream

Everyone has their dreams and whoever puts all his or her efforts and determination in pursuing that goal is the one who will succeed. However, there are dreamers who have misconceptions about the art of dreaming. In three pieces of literature I have encountered: “The Achievement of Desire” by Richard Rodriguez, “A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry and “Fences” by August Wilson, its characters fight for their dreams regardless obstacles in their life. Nevertheless, they expose their sense of self-absorbance while seeking their dreams. Dreaming and aspiration are human senses, but when one considers his or her dream more important than the others, dreaming becomes another aspect of selfishness.

In general, to fulfill a dream requires aggressive dedication and sacrifice. In Richard Rodriquez’s “The Achievement of Desire,” the character has a dream of academic success. From early childhood, the intelligent boy, indeed, finds pleasure from reading books and notes. It is not an exaggeration to say that he gives up his social life to pursue his dream. He appears as a lonely kid who has no close friends or any serious social involvement. His boring life ties in the circle of school and home. However, it does not seem to be a problem to him. He is always the kid who raises his hand during lecture and is his teachers’ favorite. The character soon expresses his selfishness during the early time of schooling. He feels uncomfortable and unwilling when he joins to…