Reacted Irrational By Dan Ariely

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The book “Predictably Irrational” was written by Dan Ariely in 2008, and it is considered to be a best-seller in the United States. Dan Ariely is a professor of Duke University and works in the new field of Behavioral Economics. The book is mostly focused on helping us better understand our decision-making processes, and also become an unavoidable source of information when creating public policy. Ariely focused in why people make irrational decisions, He conducted 13 experiments and he explains every single one of them. He also teaches us that we have no idea of things and also keeping too many doors open has a higher than what those opportunities really worth. In addition Dan Ariely want to teach us the mysterious way of the human mind, of why we do what we do in certain situations and why we act totally irrationally. The author gives different examples on experiment made on top universities.i will give brief summary of most of the chapters, in order to better understand the main idea that the author tried to bring by writing the book.
The book starts with an introductory chapter, were Ariely described how it came to their research area after a very painful experience: for years he endure medical treatment for third degree burns sustained in 70% of the body in an accident. His first research was on the ways in which people face the pain, and how, specifically, nurses who generously assisted in his treatment, appeared to be victims of certain bias or prejudice that affected

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