Reaction Of Jose Rizal Movie

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Throughout the movie there were questions longed to be answered; one of them were, for me, the greatest controversy, it is when Taviel questioned Rizal if he will resort to violence? Knowing Rizal’s vision and ideals; we can assume and conclude that he will never resort to violence; however, the movie gave it a colorful meaning to what Rizal might have done. In addition, the movie gave me five points to ponder; let me first discuss this with you: My first point is the on the story in general. The plot, based from my observations is majority of the scenes set days before his trial and execution, and all of the memories or clips that were presented was a mere reconciliation or flashbacks made by Rizal as an assessment on what steps and grounds he made from the start to finish of his life. I’ve also noticed that they only included some of his relationships. Another, the flow, is the jumping timelines, this happened most during the first minutes of the movie; the depiction and excerpts from his novel Noli. The characters, good casting, amazing…show more content…
War and fear. “We are not yet ready” -J. Rizal to Dr. Valenzuela. It’ll make you think, what does it truly mean? Is this still part of Rizal’s plan for the country? Will he use violence? As he uttered those words it’s like he’s planning to seek vengeance by means of war, by letting blood flow through the rivers but if we will look closely to his profile will he really disobey his own beliefs? Take into perspective his novel El Fili, Simoun resembles Rizal then so a hidden message and motive can be seen especially on the scene he planted an explosive on the lamp. As for the fifth point, for a brave man like Rizal what else is there to fear? Death? Regrets? I noticed he was presented, during his last days, to become insane; which lead to confrontation of his conscience, Simoun, kept attacking him to confront the truth to not be
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