Reaction Paer About the Mass by F. Sionil Jose

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The mass
First and foremost, I would like to tell my first encounter with this book. In my senior year in high school, my English teacher told us that one of his favourite novels is the “Mass” by F. Sionil Jose. My seatmate that time seconded and told me that F. Sionil Jose is her favourite author but I didn’t have any reaction because of the fact that I don’t know him or ever heard his creations.
When I first heard the title of this book, the thought that entered my mind is the ceremony done in church and I was surprised that the mass that has been referred is a group of people or even a nation. I thought my reading will be super boring because of the theme but I was wrong, instead of being super boring it was SUPERB!
Comparing this
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He is a troublemaker but Pepe convinced him to join the Brotherhood. He then knew from Toto that Roger also came from the same orphanage where Toto came.
Father Jess’ cook is Tia Nena and she is also a sympathetic character. She came from a mental institution in Mandaluyong and still longing for his two sons even if they died long time ago. Her longing for her two sons were replaced when Toto and Pepe arrived in Tondo.
Lily also lived in Tondo. Toto loves her but when Toto died, Pepe somehow learn to love Lily. She worked in a massage parlor where she offered “sensation” to the customer. She didn’t admit to her mother at first but because of the convincing power and advice of Pepe, she just told her mother what job she has and where her money was coming from.
Pepe first met Betsy when he was a pusher of drug to Betsy’s friend. And then, they meet again in a seminar. Betsy also joined the Brotherhood even though she is rich and her parents don’t want Pepe to be close to their daughter but they fell in love with each other.
Professor Hortenso is like a father and an adviser of Pepe. He is the organizer or the head of the Brotherhood in the university where Pepe studied. He also discovered the talent of Pepe in writing like what his father became famous of.
Juan Puneta is an exceedingly wealthy man who claims he wants to help the Brotherhood by contributing money. Puneta is a figure of unmitigated evil, a traitor to the Brotherhood and responsible for the deaths of both

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