Reaction Paper About Tattoos In Society

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On December 29, 2016, I got my first tattoo. Located on my upper thigh, it was a private message to myself to ‘keep fighting’ no matter how hard life is. Just this week, on December 4, 2017, I got a second tattoo. This one, more publicly located on my collar bone, was simply a cluster of snowflakes. Immediately, I was bombarded with the question, “Why snowflakes?” I couldn’t give a meaningful answer as I could with my first tattoo, so I would simply reply with, “I like snow.” This response was not well received, as people could not understand why I would put something that permanent on my body just because I “like” it. Social interactions like these are all too common for tattooed people, and especially so for women. It is these interactions, and those between family members, employers, and more, that Beverly Yuen Thompson explores in her book. She first dives into the history of tattoos, explaining how they came to be and why they are, to this day, stigmatized. She questions how heavily tattooed women interact with others on a daily basis, be it strangers, friends, or family. Her main point is that tattoos should not be considered any differently than any other body modifications, such as plastic surgery, and that the public should learn the proper etiquette to promote harmony between tattooed persons and non-tattooed persons. For her book, Thompson conducted a study consisting of interviewing several heavily tattooed women. She defines someone as “heavily tattooed” when

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