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Book: The Feiner Points of Leadership by Michael Feiner The Feiner Points of Leadership is one of the interesting and application oriented books I have read. I would recommend the book to my friends and colleagues who aspire to be a good leader. This book should be read by all the leaders and managers to be successful. It exemplifies some of the important skills manager or leader should practice at the same time it explains the mistakes one should avoid being a successful and effective leader. Michael Feiner’s experience in PepsiCo, given examples and instances in his tenure makes it easier to understand the facts in detail. These examples also helps retain all the points and laws explained in the book. After reading this…show more content…
He was a good manager but not a leader as he was exceptional planner and controller but was unable to have a good relationship with the team members. All of us never felt motivated by him to work. The book also states the fact that to become successful in the organization, one should have management and leadership skills in balance. As the imbalance between these two can be harmful for the person and for the organization he is working for. Book has also given the way you can analyze your own skills and if you are leader or manager which can be very helpful for anyone to examine by their own. In part two, Author sheds light on relational leadership. Relational leadership applies to everyone irrespective of gender, race or seniority. Leadership is always considered as power and authority but in day to day life, leadership is not about power and authority but it is about taking people with you, motivate them, show confidence in them and show that you believe in their capability. People work better if they are motivated. In my career I have worked for several different managers but one of the mangers, Amar for whom I liked working the most. I worked for Amar for few months during intra skills development program. He was a people oriented person. Also, he was famous for developing leaders in the team. When I started working he gave me the project to work on and told me to lead it and handle it through the completion. He let me take the decisions and

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