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COMM S237 JOI Instructor: Gail Haynes Paper composed by: Vanessa Villefort Email: Reaction Paper Experiences in Communication – Carl R. Rogers Everyone has different and unique experiences with communication. The psychologist Carl R. Rogers shares his experiences with communication in Chapter 1 of his book A Way of Being and by doing so provides major understandings of communication to the reader. Having read through the chapter thoroughly, I would like to follow Rodgers advice and “check what [he] says against [my] own experience and decide as to its truth or falsity for [me].” (439) In the following part I will try to make up my own mind by comparing his experience to mine. First of all, Rogers…show more content…
However, I think everyone does that, and thus hearing deeply at someone is an ability that has to be learned. So listening deeply at someone is a conscious process that requires a listener that is aware of what is meant with hearing deeply. It needs to be practiced and improved. The next point is closely related to the previous and is about sharing highly personal details. Rogers mentions that he feels highly frustrated when he has taken the risk to express his private, inner world to the outside and receives no understanding for that (440). But it is more, experiencing incomprehension regarding something that is highly important to one leads to a withdrawal into the own inner world. For example, I have experienced it with my friend’s parents. While his mother was trying hard to explain her feelings to his father, he showed no understanding towards her problems; feelings etc. Receiving no understanding at all, let her withdraw more and more and in the end resulted in a divorce. Of course, this might be a one-sided narration of the story, however, I would like to make my point clear, namely, that a lack of understanding is really harmful for relationships. Therefore we should try to show some understanding or at least discuss issues that are important to our partners, friends, etc. People, who are important to us, should know that we care, but we also have to make them feel that by showing understanding to them.
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