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Reaction Paper – Fiction: Drama
June 22, 2015

Reaction Paper – Fiction: Drama In the weeks reading, “Death of a salesman”, writing by Arthur Miller, created a scene in which plots a salesman with many problems. The technology that was presented was around 1949 in which no modern computers or emails existed. A salesman had to travel by car on his own to create income for his family and although many salesmen had family to support in cities where they would have to leave for weeks at a time, the salesman would always find time for his or her family. The salesman name is Willy in which his family is mentioned throughout the play. At the beginning his wife Linda, is always very supportive of his views towards his sales career
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In the middle of the night, Willy’s is talking to himself so loudly that everyone wakes up. Linda admits to her sons that she and Willy are struggling financially. Worse, Willy has been attempting suicide. She's worried and takes it out on her boys, accusing Biff of being the cause of Willy's unhappiness. Now Willy gets in on the family discussion, and the situation goes downhill. He and Biff begin to argue, but Happy interjects that Biff plans to see Oliver the following morning. Willy is overjoyed. Willy expects to get a local job, and Biff expects to get a business loan. The next day, of course, everything goes wrong. Willy feels happy and confident as he meets with his boss, Howard. But instead of getting a transfer to the New York office, Willy gets fired. Destroyed by the news, he begins to hallucinate and, yes, once again speak with imaginary people as he heads out to meet his sons at a restaurant. Waiting for their dad at the restaurant, Biff explains to Happy that Oliver wouldn't see him and didn't have the slightest idea who he was. Distressed, spiteful, and something of a kleptomaniac, Biff stole Oliver's fountain pen. By now, Biff has realized that he was crazy to think he would ever get a loan and that he and his family have been lying to themselves for basically their entire lives. When Willy comes into the restaurant demanding good news, Biff
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