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“Slice of Life’s Unique Design” “No man is an island” --- an almost clichéd saying everyone knows. I can’t completely say I’m an island, I can’t say I’m not either. It usually depends upon the situations raised by life’s unique design. I was brought up by my parents to be a respectful, justice-wise, humble person. But in every person’s lives lies the process of making one’s own personality. My life during the days when I was still ignorant of the world around me wasn’t the type of life I can be proud of sharing about. Honestly, it was the kind of life I can’t say I really enjoyed. Boring isn’t enough to describe my life back then. I was isolated by my parents from the people surrounding me. I only had limited friends. School was my only…show more content…
Sometimes it destroys the patience I lived with but it never came to a point when I answered back at them especially to my father. I know they only wanted the best for me and meeting their expectations would only be the way of showing them my gratefulness of everything. I always hold back my feelings when I’m in front of my father. He’s someone I respect the most because he managed to raise me alone with nobody around when help was needed. Most of the times, people drag us down, even more than deeper than anybody else could ever thought of. The thing is, they camouflage everything and protect me from everyone to the extent when I can no longer see anyone connected to them from both sides because the disappointing part of the story is that the people dragging us down are of their own family and relatives. But now I’m mature enough to understand everything. I now know how it feels to be dragged down and stepped on a thousand times again and again and I idolize my parents for making it through everything side by side. All they needed was inspiration and it was me they get their strength from. At the first glance of San Guillermo Church in Pampanga, I felt devastated inside, imagining how many people cried for help, scared of the raging lava succumbing not only the church but the entire city. I imagined how helpless people were when they were being savaged by nature and all they could

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