Reaction Paper : Family Resilience

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Family Resilience Paper In the book If I Stay, Mia and her family take a holiday road trip to her grandparents’ home one snowy morning. Due to winter road conditions, their father loses control of the car, sending it spinning off the road. The car is wrecked, killing her mother and father instantly. Both her brother and she are rushed to the hospital, fighting for their lives. While in a coma, Mia has several out of body experiences and sees first-hand the impact the accident has on those who are close to her. These experiences involved her being aware of the several visitations she had while in a coma, such as her grandfather, grandmother, and current significant other. In the climax, Mia must decide whether she will continue to fight for…show more content…
Another way is when Gran and Gramps take Mia in once she can leave the hospital. They are her main support system in her rehabilitation. They try to help her heal from the emotional loss by not forcing her to talk about feelings she is not ready to face. However, they try to keep the same love and closeness that the family had before the accident. There are several key processes discussed in the Family Resilience chapter, in the text, such as the family belief system, organizational patterns, and communication. These processes help the family deal with stress, adjust to changes, and learn ways to cope with difficult situations. Within these processes, there is a framework, which focuses on family resilience. This family resilience framework emphasizes the families’ ability to adapt/adjust to significant influences and/or situations (Walsh, 2016). The family belief system, or their views and values of the family unit, is shown in their love of music. Even though Mia is the only family member with a deep love for classical music, they all have a passion for the music they love. An example would be when they are trying to decide what music to play on the radio while driving to their grandparent’s house. Mia lists the four different music groups that each member suggests playing. Spirituality can be seen in a multitude of ways. While Mia is having an out-of-body experience during one of her surgeries, she sees her grandparents waiting in the hallway. She recalls
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