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ALDACTAZIDE BEST ONLINE BUY|Aldactazide profile,stacks,prices,...Aldactazide is a trade name for an oral, combination diuretic. Aldactazide contains a mixture of spironolactone (Aldactide) and hydrochlorthiazide (Hydrodiuril). Aldactone is a milder, potassium sparing diuretic while Hydrodiuril is a more potent compound from the thiazide family. The combination produces a diuretic with potency comparable to that seen with a doubling in thiazide dosage (when used alone), but without the same level of calcium and potassium excretion. While a potassium supplement is often required with thiazide treatment, the balance of the two drugs in Aldactazide virtually eliminates this need.…show more content…
When administered, diuresis (water excretion) becomes pronounced within a couple of hours. It may actually take three to four hours for the peak effect to be noticed, and the drug will remain active in the body for a total duration of approximately twelve hours.Athletes use diuretics in order to shed extra water retained in the body. This practice is popular in competitive bodybuilding situations, as a drop in subcutaneous water storage can result in an increase in the level of definition to the physique. Competitors in weight class sports like boxing and wrestling also make use of diuretics, administering them to manipulate their body weight for category adjustments. Since the "weigh-in" procedure is generally done a day or days before a competition, the athlete has a clear window…show more content…
The user, depending on individual needs, will need to judge the timing of his diuretic use in relation to the weigh-in or show. The whole intake/preparation schedule should also not run longer than a few days, so as to minimize potential health risks. It is also much more effective when the athlete is familiar with the process well before actually needing to do so. This way frantic last minute diuretic use can be avoided, as the user should be fully prepared. When administered haphazardly, it is very easy to achieve too great a diuretic effect. The result in this case might not be a defined look, but a flat, deflated appearance brought about by severe dehydration.The most common practice among athletes is to administer a single 50 mg/50 mg tablet in the morning (with a meal), and to wait and judge the diuretic effect. After a number of hours, this is repeated if a stronger effect is needed. Usually 2-3 tablets will be

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