Reaction Paper On Athena And Hera

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Athena and Hera were a significant part of ancient Greek society as they are the Goddesses of the two most important aspects of ancient Greek life: family and war. To the ancient Greeks, Athena was the Goddess of wisdom, reasoning, craft, intelligence and war. Athena was extremely popular during her time, not just among humans but among the gods themselves. Unlike the other gods, the was brung into the world in a unique way. Most other gods were born from mothers, Athena came from Zeus's head. The myth goes that Athena was to be born to her mother, Metis, but there was a prophecy that said that the child Metis would bear would one day become “The lord of the heavens”. Threatened by this, Zeus swallowed Metis in an attempt to get rid of her and the baby. Around the time that Athena was meant to be born Zeus had developed a terrible headache and soon after Athena emerged from his head. Upon emerging from his head it was realized that not only was she a fulling grown adult but she was also dressed in full armor. Ironically, once born she quickly became Zeus’s favorite child, despite him having tried to get rid of her (“Greek Mythology.”). Her creation story alone sets her apart from the other Goddesses. What it also does is set the tone for who Athena is and what she will come to mean to the ancient Greek people. It’s quite inspiring how although she was meant to be destroyed she managed to somehow emerge health, and most importantly triumphant. As the Goddess of war Athena

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