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According to Kumar, Gousia, Anupama and latha’s review on Camias. Averrrhoa Bilimbi used as a folk medicine in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, hypertension and as an anti-microbial agent according ot the literature survey. (Saini, 2016). Leaves flower and fruits are the parts of camias that has been used as a cure for various diseases. The fruit was used as a treatment for coughs.. Syrup is prepared from the fruit and taken by the person as a cure for his/her fever. The leaves are applied on bites of poisonous creatures. In the country of Malaysia, Malaysians take the leaves fresh or fermented as a treatment for venereal disease. A leaf infusion was used as a remedy for coughs. A flower infusion is said to be effective against coughs and…show more content…
Averrhoa Bilimbi composed of several flavonoids that possess a wide variety of roles in biological life. (Mulia, Tantular and Mughni, 2012). Averrhoa bilimbi contain anti diabetic activity. Based on their experiment on diabetic rats they conclude that averrhoa bilimbi can cure diabetes. Diabetic rats were their subject in the experiment. When diabetic rats administered intrapenton cally as well as orally. It caused a significant hypoglycemic effect at a 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes and 180 minutes when compared with vehicle control if the semi-purified fractions of the ethanolic extract of camias leaves such as AF (aqueous fraction) BuF (butanol fraction) have potent hypoglycemic and hypotriglyceridemic properties in HFP-STZ-diabetic rats AF (125 mg/kg BW). There is no significant difference in AF and BuF treated diabetic rats in the body weight food and water intakes of the rats. The semi-purified fractions of the ethanolic extract of camias leaves such as AF and BuF ameliorated diabetes in HFD-STZ-diabetic rats. In the amelioration of hyperglycemia and hypertriglyceridemia AF is more powerful than…show more content…
Aureus, S. Epidermis, B. Cereus, K. Rhizophila and C. Diphteriae and gram-negative S. Typhi, C. Fuendii, A. Hydrophila and P. Vulgaris. It also contain cytotoxic activity. Using brine shrimp lethality bioanalysis which is a well-accepted analysis for the primary screening of plant extracts methanolic extract of camias fruits and its different fractions were assessed for cytotoxic potential. Biologically active showed in methanolic extract and its four fractions are significant cytotoxic potential demonstrated. The LC50 values of crude methanolic extract, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride pet ether and aqueous soluble fractions of Camias fruits were found to be 0.005, 5.691, 1.198, 0.781, and 6.123 μg/ml, respectively. Therefore it concludes that the obtained tends to suggest that plant extract of Avrrhoa Bilimbi fruits may be candidate for anticancer therapy. In light of the results of the present study, it can be concluded that the plant extract and its fractions possesses cytotoxic potential. Positive result of methanolic extracts and its different organic solvent soluble fractions led us to the inference that the plant extract may contain bioactive

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