Reaction Paper On False Confessions

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Crimes are committed every second of the minute, but out of the many that are, how many have a conviction? How many of these crimes is the correct person held responsible and brought to justice? “According to the Innocence Project, 25% of wrongful convictions overturned by DNA evidence involve a false confession and many of those false confessions contained details that match the crime-details that were not made to the public” (False Confessions). None too many times is there an individual that may has been arrested and interrogated regarding a crime that he/she may not have committed. One way of this happening to an individual is when there’s a mistaken identity claim from law enforcement. An individual being picked up off the streets by police officers only because he/she may fit the description of the suspect, because you know the saying “how we all have a twin out here” then they are brought in for questioning in a small private room for the interrogation process.
The alleged suspect are isolated from their loved ones for a period, they get confused, have anxiety and with the additional help of the officers, they use their skills learned from training to assist in getting a confession. One other reason being is they feel like if they confess to what they’re being accused of then they will no longer have to deal with the situation at hand. Another reason is because the police do their job so well sometimes that even though you know you’re more
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