Reaction Paper On Hydrazones

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2.1. Hydrazones:
Hydrazones are a special class of organic compound in the Schiff base family. They are characterized by the prescence of azomethine (>C=N-N=C<15 min). The hydrazones obtained are tested for their DNA cleavage properties and some of them are found to show good chemical nuclease activity in the presence of both oxidizing agent (H2O2) and reducing agent (MPA). Some of them exhibited hydrolytic activity and their antioxidant activity was found to be very low.

Though aryl hydrazones of aryl aldehydes, known as Schiff bases, are well known, the study of any hydrazones (28) of 2-chlororquinoline-3-carbaldehydes (26) is scanty. Srivastava et al, have synthesized the phenyl hydrazone 28a in 50% yield, by refluxing a
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