Reaction Paper On Nails Biting

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Do you known some who bite their nails to the extreme? I do, and it’s not pretty good for their health and body. There are some people that bite their nails when they are nervous, bored, and to relief stress. People who are addicted to nails biting can have some symptoms of mental or emotional disorder such as nail bed infection, and mouth infection. Nails biting are known as onychophagy or onychophigia, it is an oral compulsive habit. According to the article compulsive is a self-injury that may be the first symptom of psychologist diseases. Meanwhile, people who are addicted to nails biting are called compulsive nail biters; they do not know how to stop biting their nails. Also, nails biters can have an extreme amount of anxiety from trying to hide their habit. Although, when nail biter are in public they are always conscious of how people see them as. According to Rim M, nail biting begins during childhood, increase substantially during adolescence, and declines with age, but the habit may continue into adulthood. Nails biting can also occur among children who had parents that bite their nails. In fact I am one of those people that have a bad habit of nails biting, and I cannot stop the behavior. I will be explaining how I started nails biting and the learning theories that helped stop me from biting my nails. How I started Nails Biting Nails’ biting is a behavior that I was addicted to and wants to stop doing that behavior. I started biting my nails when I was in the
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