Reaction Paper On Nyctophobia

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Some cases include medical conditions, one such is that is termed as ‘nyctophobia’. This term is derived from two Greek words, ‘NYCTUS’ meaning night or darkness and ‘PHOBOS’ meaning a deep fear of something. This leads us to the conclusion that Nyctophobia is a mental condition when a person, be it a kid or a grown up, develops an intense fear of the night or darkness. Scientific studies inclined to this condition have stressed on the fact that humans tend to fear the night due to complete absence of any visual stimuli. Symptoms include distress and uncomfortability to be in the dark, which might affect daily routine and work as well. Physical symptoms include trouble in breathing, racing heart-beat, tightening or pain in the chest, shivering or shakiness and sometimes mild headaches. Some severe cases might even lead…show more content…
If someone switches on the lights when you’re trying to sleep at night, quite reflexively you shout at them in a very irritated tone to switch them back off, because you just cannot fall asleep with the lights on and the lights disturb your ‘good night sleep’. This is because of the hormone melatonin secreted by the pineal gland of animals located near the brain, which regulates the release of many other hormones and also, the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is the periodic sleep-wake cycle in animals, or in layman’s language, it is the body clock that decides when we sleep and when we wake up. This hormone is secreted only when there is absence of any source of light. More the melatonin gets secreted into our bloodstream, deeper the sleep, and more fresh and rejuvenated is your mood the next morning. Besides this, we all love to stay as long as we can, snuggled under our blankets, of course, which gives us all the more reasons to love nights! Moreover, a good sleep is very essential in order to do away with the exhaust caused by the activities of the whole
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