Reaction Paper On Poverty

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Throughout my life, I was taught to help those in need. Not because it was supposed to make me feel good about myself, but because it is the right thing to do. The United States is a strong and wealthy country, and yet poverty is one of the most persistent social problems within its borders. A poll by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development asked the public: “How would you describe being poor in the U.S.?” The responses focused on homelessness, hunger, and not being able to meet basic needs. If poverty is the lack food, inadequate housing, and clothing then relatively few of the 46 million people identified by the Census Bureau as being “in poverty” could be characterized as poor.
Poverty is defined as the “lack of the minimum food and shelter necessary for maintaining life”. There is no exact cause for it, but there are theories that cause poverty. One theory of has to do with the middle class, which includes employers from the cities and suburbs. This has limited opportunities for the inner‐city poor to find adequate jobs. Another theory is, the poor would rather receive welfare payments than work in demeaning positions as maids or in fast‐food restaurants. As a result of this, the welfare system has come under increasing attack in recent years.
An effect poverty in family is stress in the family have also been shown to correlate with economic circumstances. Studies during economic recessions indicate that job loss and subsequent poverty are associated with violence
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