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When on Reddit I used the sub section of Quidditch to access more information. One interviewee from reddit said “Communication between clubs is through public Facebook events and directed invitations, public advertisement such as posters, word of mouth (messaged or spoken), and by messages (email, FB, WhatsApp) between committees. Communication intra club is generally through the same means. Communication from 'official' bodies is through the same means, but using more advanced/expensive means of public communication. Freelance events operate in a similar way to events hosted by local teams in terms of communication and advertisement.” Communication between teams is relatively the same, it switches between phones and email. The teams also meet in person to discuss important information. Many of these players use the game as an outlet from their daily life. It adds an element of fun and excitement to anyone’s normal life. Quidditch teams are not only found in universities. There is a map found on the website that gives you the location of the team in America, the ones connected to a school and also those who are not. Teams found outside of schools and universities are organized differently. Official teams have a captain who, like the president, send out all the information and run practices. Like many other sports the goal of the team is to win the game. But during my interview I learned the players are more interested in the social aspect of the game. One of the men I interviewed said the goal of the club was “to improve our skills and have fun playing against other teams.” But, of course the players are hoping to win the game because many are involved for the competition. In the movie the players are depicted wearing a cape, long pants and padding. The teams in real life has a slightly different uniform. Because they are not flying the cape is not needed, and padding is optional. Their uniforms are similar to that of a soccer uniform and usually has their name and number located on the back. Sports are something normalized by American society. Boston magazine posted an article saying 45 million kids are involved in a sport while growing up, but many of these children drop the sport because their parents

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