Reaction Paper On Stress

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Have you ever wanted to pull your hair out or just yell at someone because you have a lot of pressure on you? This is called stress. Stress originates from a wide range of things and is the reason of many problem in a person’s life. There are three main types of stress acute stress, episodic acute stress, and chronic stress. Each has their own characteristics, symptoms, duration, and treatment approaches. From work stress to grieving stress there are different ways to cope with it. “Stress occurs when pressure exceeds your perceived ability to cope” (Palmer 26). So, it is not just external pressure, for example achieving due dates that leads to stress, however whether you trust that you can adapt a circumstance that you see as essential or undermining. Research has demonstrated that there is a genuine physiological distinction amongst pressure and stress. Individuals encountering stress have larger amounts of the different stress hormones in their circulatory system than individuals who feels just challenged. The imperative point to note is this varies from individual to individual. One individual’s pressure is someone else’s stress. Everybody has distinctive stress trigger. Work stress tops the list, according to survey. Forty percent of U.S. labors confess to encountering office stress and one-quarter say work is the greatest sources of their lives. Circumstance that are probably going to cause stress are those that are unusual or uncontrollable, uncertain vague or
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