Reaction Paper On Wellness

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“Wellness is proactive rather than reactive, and inclusive and accessible to laypersons rather than the exclusive. “It involves a philosophy of self-respect and self-care that can be accessed by different persons in different ways, then nurtured and extended in other areas of their lives” (Hatfield, 1992). In order for us to become a person who is well, we need to be proactive and work on the areas of physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social wellness. Wellness is an ongoing process to where your empowering yourself to live a full and healthy life. Physical Wellness Most people will think of physical wellness as how they are feeling, whether they are sick, tired, or injured in some sort of way. According to Harper, he defines physical wellness as the ability to perform daily activities in a safe, capable, and efficient manner, as well as the physical capacity to respond effectively in unusual situations (2008). Harper further mentions that there are five components of physical wellness, such as cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, and flexibility. If a person does not have physical wellness then they are at an increased risk of a lifestyle disease such as hypokinetic disease, diabetes, and obesity. Qualities of a person that inhibits physical wellness, as discussed by the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research are controlling your weight, combating health conditions and diseases, improves your mood,
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