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“Thin” Reaction Paper “Thin” a documentary about women facing their eating disorders. “Thin” focused on four particular women Polly, Shelley, Brittany, and Alisa. These women were all brave enough to realize they had a problem and wanted help with the exception of Brittany. Sometimes when I hear about women with eating disorders I can be unsympathetic. I just feel there are so many things in life to think about other than what people think of you. Then I had to realize media has a lot to do with the way our young women picture themselves. We all want to look like this superstar. They all see this fat, ugly person when they look in the mirror and I realized I do the same thing, if we admit it we’ve all done it. The only difference is I’ve…show more content…
I really felt bad for poor Brittany. She was just in a dark place and really need to get deep to the root cause of her disorder which was her mother. I didn’t understand why the Renfrew would release her to her mother who admitted to having an eating disorder herself. Brittany needed to be around people who want to get better not someone who is going to play the “spit-n-chew” game with her. I was able to find updated information about her and read she eventually moved with her dad and was doing much better. I do pray this is true as I was unable to find any other articles regarding her. Shelley, who surprisingly is a psychiatric nurse, is another patient of the Renfrew Center. She seemed to be a bit spoiled and just didn’t take her problem seriously. The first thing she could think of when she got her feeding tube removed from her nose and put into her stomach was now she has easy access to her stomach. As time progressed though she did seem like she genuinely wanted to get better. In Shelley’s update I find out she needed shock treatment but that she’s also married now. Then you hear the story of Alisa being at the pediatrician’s office and hearing she’s fat at seven years old. It makes you realize just how impressionable our kids are because that’s when her disorder started. Nobody wants to hear their fat not even a seven year old. It was encouraging when she really started to try and get better for her but then she gets put

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