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It is said that effective teacher will use both assessment and evaluation regularly to improve student learning and to guide instruction. Indeed, both have pivotal roles in the teaching-learning process yet, somehow they do differ in many ways. Assessment and evaluation measure whether or not learning and/or learning objectives are being met. One could look at assessment and evaluation as the journey (assessment) versus the snapshot (evaluation). (Sue Watson, 2009) Assessment requires the gathering of evidence of student performance over a period of time to measure learning and understanding. Evidence of learning could take the form of dialogue, journals, written work, portfolios, and tests along with many other learning
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In this program, teachers serves as active facilitators during the teaching-learning process.

Another major change in our country’s educational landscape is the implementation of the so-called K+12 education. Recently, President Aquino led the formal launching of the K+ 12 reformed basic education program at Malacañang, which makes mandatory kindergarten education for five-year-old children and two additional two years of senior high school for all students. The President noted that the Philippines is the only country in Asia and one of only three in the world – two of which are in Africa – with a 10-year basic education program. “How do Filipinos become competitive if from the very beginning we are already at a disadvantage in the number of years of studying and training? What we want is to give the next generation a strong foundation.” (Aquino, 2012) The curriculum of the K+12 program will focus on the core subjects –Mathematics, Science and English– with electives that are sensitive and responsive to the learners’ interest and local industry needs. The Department of Education (DepEd) enhanced curriculum by decongesting academic workload, giving students more time to master competencies and participating in co-curricular activities and community

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