Reaction Rates of Marble Chips

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How can we speed up the reaction between Calcium Carbonate and Hydrochloric Acid? Contents 1. Plan  Aim  Equipment  Variable Factors  Prediction  Method  Trial Run 2. Results  Results Tables 3. Analysis and Conclusions  Graphs  Conclusions 4. Evaluation  Accuracy Of Results  Reliability  Improvements  Extending the Investigation 1. Plan Aim I am doing this experiment to find out how I can speed up the reaction rate between calcium carbonate and hydrochloric acid. Equipment This is the equipment I will use:  Gas Syringe  Glass Flask  Calcium Carbonate …show more content…
5. Evaluation Accuracy of results There is always some degree of inaccuracy in any experiment. I think that there were several factors in my experiment that made the results slightly inaccurate. These were;  The time taken to place the bung on the flask – This let out a small amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere instead of the gas syringe.  Weighing and measuring inaccuracy's – The weighing of the marble chips will always be slightly inaccurate due to the scales inaccuracy. This is the same with the measuring of acid.  The size of the marble chips – The size of the marble chips was not always the same, some were larger or smaller than others. This would have made for a slight inaccuracy. Reliability No significant problems or difficulties were encountered when carrying out this experiment. The accuracy and reliability of the results and conclusions are very good. Even though I have outlined the inaccuracy's of the experiment, these are only t be expected and do not have much impact on the overall conclusion. Improvements The procedure used was simple and straightforward and not many difficulties were encountered. One difficulty was that the gas syringe was subject to humidity which made the syringe move not as smoothly as it would have otherwise. A small improvement could be
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