Reaction to Car's Gay Divorce

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While author Card does identify these fallacies and states that the law should not determine which adult unions are legitimate, she posits an unsettling alternative. Suggesting that same-sex marriage should not have been a political issue and proposing the abolition of marriage denies the LGBT community social recognition and an equal opportunity to choose.

Card’s View

Among her suggestions to the LGBT community, one is that gay marriage should not have been made a political issue in the first place, concluding that this has worsened conditions. Card believes that “the best strategy, from hindsight, might have been to let the issue alone,” and that making it a political issue has been used by political conservatives to “reentrench homophobia, gain the support of an electorate for an overall political agenda that many might otherwise not have supported and . . . focus voters' attention away from volatile issues.”

Moreover, Card believes that promoting same-sex marriage has “backfired” and gays and lesbians are “worse off” because of conservatives’ notion to make a Constitutional amendment that excludes same-sex partners.

Card believes marriage itself is an “evil institution” and proposes that homosexuals quietly oppose marriage and divert attention to other…

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