Reaction to the Hunger Games

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Arielle Juanito 2010-26123 The Hunger Games 1. Reality competitive shows and survival shows are still part of almost every channel’s line-up of shows to this day. These shows feature competitors such as models, singers, dancers, fashion designers, and even chefs. Airing these shows is a win-win situation, because they aren’t only entertaining, but they are cheap to produce as well. There are no high talent fees or scripts to write, just the perfect assortment of characters thrown in, challenges for them to accomplish and a grand prize to await the winner. The viewers in turn get hooked because they are presented with potential heroes to root for, to hate and/or to sympathize with. The fact that it is a “reality” show naturally…show more content…
I think this is finally when she understands Peeta, but not on the same level. There was still confusion in her head. She still stands by the entire pretense because she is positive that following her heart would not have made her win, or would have made the life outside the arena complicated. Instead, she chooses to let the cameras take the lead and agree to a life of show business. 4. I think things would definitely be different if she was with Gale. They had a more significant history, so things would have come naturally between them. She wouldn’t have had to pretend to be in love with him the whole time. I think she found it easy to act that way around a stranger because there wasn’t anything to risk. The fact is that the pretense cannot be over even as they leave the arena, because they still have to put a show for the public. If she was with Gale, that wouldn’t be a problem. The rules would still have changed anyway, because the audience will be more thrilled, if not equally, with their love story. He would have constantly reminded her of who she was and who she is to him. That would have been enough encouragement to

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