Reactions to Accepting a Newcomer in the Team

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The manager has the task of bringing balance into the team by emphasizing the reasons for which the new member of the team arrived. In order to avoid paranoia from affecting the whole team and thus making it less productive, the manager needs to get actively engaged in creating a strong connection between the newcomer and the rest of the team. He or she needs to act as fast as possible so as for the team to experience little to no problems.
Existing team members are likely to consider that a newcomer is a threat and that he or she is going to generate a lot of negativity within the team as he or she is not equally experienced in dealing with situations that the team is accustomed to going through. Old-timers are typically inclined to believe that the overall productivity of the team will be negatively affected by the arrival of a newcomer, as he or she needs to be instructed in regard to his or her tasks and as the rest of the team is probable to lose important resources in the process.
Although team turnovers can create a lot of problems within a group, they can also have positive effects on the team because of the new ideas and unbiased thinking that is being brought into the group. A team turnover can provide the group with a series of opportunities and one of the most important is related to…
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