Reader Response For The Kite Runner

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Reader Response for The Kite Runner Section 1- Writing Style: Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner, is most definitely different than other authors. He uses strong, detailed words that may be difficult, at some points, to understand. His use of vocabulary is rather challenging for me. The more use of challenging vocabulary, in my opinion, makes the book even more interesting. Now, I’m not a big fan of reading, but after reading this book, I had found an interest in reading more challenging books like The Kite Runner. Not knowing a word can change the whole scene by finding out what it actually means. Now, Khaled uses a wide variety of figurative language to grab your attention. Khaled Hosseini uses mainly similes, metaphors,…show more content…
“Children aren’t coloring books, you don’t get to fill them with your favorite colors.” (Hosseini 21).
Now, Khaled uses tone to describe what is happening in the scene.
“His eyes flicked to me. I wanted to laugh for some reason. Or scream. I brought the ball of my hand to my mouth and bit on it. Baba laughed softly through his nose.” (Hosseini 162).
In this moment, Amir is very excited with Baba because he is calling the general about Soraya. Amir has a little thing for Soraya, by which later in the novel, she becomes his wife. The text in this novel was pretty straightforward, you just have to identify the figurative language that the author uses, because he uses a lot of it to make the book more challenging. He also uses a lot of dialogue. My personal favorite is a passage from the end of the novel.
“It was only a smile, nothing more. It didn 't make everything alright. It didn 't make anything all right. Only a smile. A tiny thing. A leaf in the woods, shaking in the wake of a startled bird 's flight. But I 'll take it. With open arms. Because when spring comes, it melts the snow one flake at a time, and maybe I just witnessed the first flake melting” (Hosseini 371).
The reason why this is my favorite passage is because, when Hassan and Amir were kids, Hassan would run the kite for Amir, and during this passage, Amir’s nephew (Hassan 's son)
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