Reader Response: the Lottery

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Reader Response #2: The Lottery “The Lottery” is a short story written by Shirley Jackson and published in 1948. The title of the story initially leads readers to believe the story is going to be about someone winning some kind of prize. Even the opening of the story seems to protest any foul play or cruel behavior. What the reader is introduced to is a seemingly friendly gathering of a small village community, members all gathered around anxiously awaiting their drawing for the lottery. The village members all chatter amongst one another in a tone that kind neighbors would take with one another. To the surprise of the reader, the story provides a shocking twist. The story is not about someone winning a prize. Instead the story reveals…show more content…
She certainly succeeded in shocking her audiences with the unforeseeable twist that arose at the end of the story. I did not expect the ending that I read. Even when I realized that the woman of the family who drew the winning ticket was arguing against the winnings, I had not ever thought that perhaps someone would die as a result. The fact that children were also allowed to participate in the drawing is what really made my stomach churn. Jackson certainly provided a detailed enough picture in such a few short pages to pull a physical reaction from me. I cannot rightfully say that the story was a good one, but it definitely was brilliant. It still amazes me that an author can write so descriptively and so intelligently that he or she can pull physical, mental, and emotional reactions from the person reading the story. In this case, I had several reactions to the story. Not only did I feel disgusted at how the community members were so eager to stone the woman to death, I also felt a mind-numbing sensation at the fact that such violence and cruelty closely mirrors our own modern society without the archaic practices. As a modern society, we cut down the individual members of society in new ways. While we may not string them up to hang them, we do string them up publicly for the purpose of cruelty and humiliation. Just look at cyberbullying or mass
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