Reader 's Theater At Content Area Classrooms

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Reader’s Theater in Content Area Classrooms
Megan A. Dye
Mount Vernon Nazarene University

PELC-6193 Content Area Reading
August 26, 2015
Misty Flowers and Sherry Jacobs

Reader’s Theater What is Reader’s Theater? Reader’s Theater is a unique strategy to help students develop reading fluency while transforming their classroom into a stage for the readers to perform, making each reader a star. Readers Theatre is known as a very motivating strategy to use in the classroom that connects students’ oral reading skills with literacy and dramatic role-play (Carrick, 2001). This may sound like a traditional theater performance to many, but it is very different from what we see in a traditional theater. The only materials needed to perform in a Readers Theatre are scripts, as costumes, props, and other materials generally used during performances are not required, but can be used if the teacher desires. When performing and reading the script during Readers Theatre, readers use their oral language skills, facial expressions, and body movements to act out the role of the characters that are being portrayed throughout the script. Alongside the readers, a specific student is chosen to serve as the narrator to explain the story’s setting and any other relevant information, as well as reading the lines in the script that are not assigned to a reader and usually are meant to transition into a new scene of the story being read in the script (Carrick, 2001). The best
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