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Professional Capabilities Assignment

The Professional Capabilities Framework developed by the social work reform board and owned by The College of Social Work provides a structure to support the career development of every social worker: from initial social work education, through continuing professional development, towards the role of principal social worker. The framework provides criteria for career progression and opens new career pathways that will allow experienced workers to sustain engagement with the challenges and rewards of practice. Furthermore The PCF applies to all social workers in England (including independent social workers), in all roles and settings and so it is an essential document for all.

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Values and Ethics;

The commitment to act ethically is an essential aspect of social work due to the effect it can have on the quality of the service offered to those who engage with us. Through group discussions in our foundations of social work practice I have become extremely ethically aware and now will always seek to ascertain and respect, as far as possible, each individual’s preferences, wishes and involvement in decision making. From discussions with my fellow classmates I have learnt to strive to respect and uphold the values and principles of the profession by making sure I promote and work towards the code of ethics wherever possible. This in turn enables me act in a reliable, honest and trustworthy manner having worked closely with service users in a professional setting and learned of their good and bad experiences with practitioners through the service user experience we undertook in class. I believe I am now in a good position to apply the social work ethical principles to my professional practice, in a way that seeks to empower my service users and enable me to emulate the best practice. In addition from reading social work journals and staying on top of news regarding the profession more generally I am knowledgeable about the value base of social work as a profession .

Respect for diversity is a well-established tenet of social work practice. Understanding ourselves and the people we work with, both service
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