Reading Achievement By Learning Disabled Students

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Evaluation of The Article "Reading Achievement By Learning Disabled Students"
A study was designed to discover the instructional effectiveness for boys around 11 years old between a regular classroom setting and a resource room. The study this essay evaluates is titled, “Reading Achievement by Learning Disabled Students in Resource and Regular Classes”. (Goldman, Sapp, & Foster, 1998) A regular classroom, or as it is specified in the educational arena as an inclusive model, is defined as the classic schoolroom where elementary students receive the bulk of their education from one teacher in the same room. A resource room, or narrowly defined in the world of education as the pull out model, is a fairly new development in the history of public education and is defined as “a form of special education for students with disabilities who are educated in a special education setting apart from their non-disabled peers” (Hurt, 2012, p. 27) As mentioned in the research article being evaluated, according to the school district where this study was conducted, “Although there is widespread support for regular classrooms, resource rooms provide a valuable instructional function.” (Goldman et al., 1998) However the results of this study ironically show a different reality. The summation of the study concluded “The primary outcome was that instructional setting had little differential effect on students’ performance in reading comprehension.” (Goldman et al., 1998)
This study was…
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