Reading Activities Help Students Comprehend A Complex Text

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Research has shown that close reading activities help students comprehend a complex text. This means that through the close reading instruction, the learner would be able go deeper into the text and understand complex vocabulary exposed in the text. Moreover, this type of instruction benefits English Language learners when reading independently. Through scaffold like shared reading, interactive read aloud and think aloud, Burke (n.d.) states that since not all the learners are ready to read independent complex text, the teacher would need to support the learners and gradually release them. He also mentions that a great way to release the students is by the teacher do models, then both the learners and the teacher work collaboratively and as the instruction continues, the students are release to work independently. In order to achieve successful results, planning a close reading activity needs to work with the specific needs the student have and give the learners several strategies that when release they can have a proficient reading.
Part 1: Close Reading Activity Planning According to the past results of my intermediate learner and the small group instruction on close reading on the past week, this close reading activity would target vocabulary and fluency skills. In addition, would focus on identifying important details to support the main idea and use specific information to explain the relationships between two or more ideas. This activity would be Getting to know

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