Reading Analysis : ' The New Teacher '

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Purposeful Reading & Reflection 1 As I was reading “The New Teacher Book,” I started thinking to myself, “What exactly am I looking for again?” I knew that I had to find three important things that stuck out to me, but I did not really know what I was really looking for. I was aimlessly searching for the answers in the stories told by so many first year teachers, like Bill Bigelow, Kelley Salas, and Stephanie Walters. They were all confused and frustrated just like I was, except for different reasons. However, it was in their stories that I finally found what I was looking for. Instead of aimlessly looking for the answers in their stories, I started putting myself in their position. Once I started looking at the world through their eyes, the answers magically appeared before me. There were so many important things about teaching and life that I learned from their personal experiences that I had trouble choosing just three. But I did and this is what I learned. The Three Most Important Aspects of Teaching and Life As I was putting myself in Bill Bigelow’s shoes, I saw that he was having trouble teaching without sounding like a “local TV commercial” (Burant, 2010, p. 21). He was absolutely devastated. No matter how hard he tried, he felt like his class was “ragged, amateurish” and “sloppy” (Burant, 2010, p. 21). However, he did not give up teaching. Instead, he lived off of the wise words of Lee Hays, “Like kidney stones and the Nixon presidency, this too will pass”
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