Reading Analysis of Short Story "Aguantando" Essay

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Reading Response: Aguantando The story of Aguantando talks about what Yunior and his family went through while his father was in the U.S for 9 years. They are poor; living in a house that leaks and they eat very poorly due to the little money the mother makes working in a chocolate factory. Yunior seems to only know what his father looks like because of the old photographs his mother has. Yunior tells the story with the point of view of a young boy. Yunior’s mother is a hardworking woman, she works in a chocolate factory in order to get money. Their grandfather used to work but now he can’t due to his very old age. The mom made so little money that both Yunior and Rafa only had one pencil for school. Losing that only pencil each had…show more content…
Yunior wanted his father to come back and take them with him. He felt bad for how his mom had to work to get them through the week. Even when she made food which was bananas and rice he knew that was the only thing they could afford at the moment. The only time they went on to have a day of family they went to the movies and ate different food. That day the mom went on to spend more than the usual, she wanted to go out since she was sad that her husband did not come back to take them to the U.S The story of Aguantando shows the strength of Yunior’s mom and how she works hard to get her family through the poverty. Yunior shows the appreciation he has for his mother and the love for her. He wishes his father would come back and everything would be better, but as of that momento there is no sign of him at all and all they do is wait for him to take them with him. The story shows the struggles they had in the Dominican Republic while his father was

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