Reading And Learning Abilities Through Writing

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In today 's education, students are expected to read and understand complex texts, read higher level informational texts, expand their academic vocabulary and communicate their reading and learning abilities through writing, in order to meet the Common Core Standards (Buehl, 2014). Researchers indicate that comprehension occurs when a reader engages with the text by creating meaning from what he or she is reading (Buehl, 2014). Four conditions that determine what meaning a reader will construct are, the readers, the text, the task, and the context. These four conditions play a significant role in helping students create meaning from a text, while also helping students meet the Common Core literacy standards (Buehl, 2014).

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It’s important to determine whether students will benefit more from reading textbooks, a short story, a magazine article, a website or a document (Buehl, 2014). In addition to determining what text students should learn from, it is also important to make sure that students are meeting Common Core standards by reading complex text (Buehl, 2014). To ensure that students are reading complex text, several factors have to be included to validate the text complexity such as, qualitative factors, which includes the text structure, author purpose, and clarity of ideas. Quantitative factors, which includes, word difficulty, sentence strength and text cohesion and reader and task consideration, which includes, knowledge, interest, and motivation of the reader (Buehl, 2014).

Therefore, the activities to engage students with should also include a variety of resources that will help students comprehend complex text. For example, students can be offered different methods to complete their activity. Students can choose from using technology or worksheet handouts. Using digital tools, like some that we discussed in class ED 615, will make it easier to have helpful resources such as online textbooks, videos, vocabulary assistance sites, and articles, readily available for students to use if they come across a challenge (McLaughlin, 2015).

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