Reading And Understanding College Textbooks

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School Name: Harford Community College, Bel Air, MD
Course Name: Reading and Understanding College Textbooks (upper-level developmental reading)
Course Format: Lab-based

Key Results After fully integrating MyReadingLab into class time, students’ post-test averages increased from 66 to 74 percent, and completion rates increased from 91 to 98 percent. Based on these results, all sections of upper-level developmental reading will meet in a computer lab starting in fall 2015.

Course materials Reading and Understanding College Textbooks, a custom text with MyReadingLab

Submitted by Gina Williams and Elizabeth Holmes

Harford Community College is a suburban, two-year institution 35 miles outside of Baltimore that enrolls 10,000
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Students meet for three hours a week for 15-weeks.

Reading and Understanding College Textbooks emphasizes improvement of the reading process and study skills necessary for understanding and learning college-level material; it focuses on strengthening reading comprehension and encourages critical reading skills that are necessary for successful completion of college courses. Students learn a variety of strategies to assist them in improving vocabulary, comprehension, test-taking abilities, and flexibility in reading.

Challenges and Goals
We chose to implement MyReadingLab beginning in fall 2013 due to a number of challenges we had been facing. Previously, students had to take division exams on an internal web portal in our tutoring and testing center. If students did not receive an 80 percent, they would have to work with a tutor in the computer lab to improve their skills before taking the exam a second time. We experienced high volumes of paperwork and grading errors, and students were not getting what they needed to succeed.
MyReadingLab offers students a flexible, convenient way to remediate wherever and whenever they choose. It provides instructors with all the necessary content in one location and the ability to ensure consistency of topic mastery across sections. It has been a goal of ours to tweak our MyReadingLab implementation each semester to improve student results and
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