Reading And Writing About Family Guy : The Semiotics Of Stream Of Consciousness

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In the essay “Reading and Writing about Family Guy: The Semiotics of Stream of Consciousness” Lee Transue explains how Seth MacFarlane integrates his own unique version of stream of consciousness in the animated sitcom Family Guy to entertain its viewers. The reason Transue wrote this essay is he was invited by Dr. Johnathan Silverman to write a piece for the book, The World is a Text. He chose to write about Family Guy because of its popularity and he is a fan of the show. To begin the writing process, Transue sat down and started his research, which was watching several episodes of Family Guy. Afterwards he quickly looked over a few texts and refreshed his brain on the stream of consciousness concept and began the drafting process. According to Transue, the drafting of the essay took about three hours. He then did some slight editing and the essay was finished. After all was said and done the whole process took about 10 hours. To start off, Lee Transue begins by giving some background on the concept of stream of consciousness. He begins by writing “It is the certification of true talent when a storyteller can write that which he or she feels can be written, and not should be written by typical literary standards, while the audience remains unaware of his or her sleight of hand. There are many words and phrases to describe this technique, foremost among them stream of consciousness” (94). These two sentences act as support for the thesis because in Family Guy a normal

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