Reading And Writing Of Reading

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Are reading and writing connected? Reading and writing have always been strong elements, in our lives, studies have shown that reading affects writing and vise-versa. Stephen King said, “If you could put together a model car or assemble a piece of furniture from directions you could write a sentence”. He states the importance of two powerful elements, reading and writing, and by putting them together we could make something out of them. I can come to terms with the fact that reading and writing are the key elects to many opportunities although it has not always been easy to convey. Reading and writing together are both the path to improving our vocabulary and expanding of our knowledge, even though certain people will argue differently, and say that only one (reading or writing) of them is the key element.
First, the important connection that reading and writing has to our vocabulary is that we expand our mind and our words as well. Elements like reading and writing are both major factors on what someone can accomplish, reading helps us become better writers in writing an essay or even a book. It also starts from the time we start going to school, that we learn how to read and write, how to sound our consonants and vowels. Instilling in us from the beginning the importance of reading and writing; are our teachers, preparing us for our future, academically and in the workforce. Roseanne Rocha Tavares once said, “In recent years many authorities have called for the necessity
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